Pennette rigate

Pastificio Gentile

  • $850

Pennette takes their name from ink pens, and these penne are "rigate" or ridged for a consistency that pairs well with hearty sauces and baked dishes. A very popular shape with kids and adults alike. Gentile-made pasta has been proven to require exactly the cooking time as appears on each label. Pasta cooked "al dente" (literally, "to the tooth," sticking slightly to your teeth) is not only the most digestible but also the first test of quality: low-quality pasta is too starchy to become al dente. 

Italian durum wheat semolina, water

Cook the pennette rigate in abundant amounts of boiling, salted water for 10 minutes. Recommended with any Italian Foodies ragout sauce.  Visit our recipe blog and follow us on social media to get the week's latest recipes using Italy's unique ingredients.

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