Penne rigate

Pastificio Gentile

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Gragnano is so famous for its pasta that the use of the town's name in labelling is now protected by Italian law. With five hundred years of knowledge backing it, the Pastificio Gentile of Gragnano handcrafts some the most sought-after pasta in all of Italy. These penne take their name from ink pens and in their "rigate," or ridged, form they have a consistency that pairs well with hearty sauces or baked pasta dishes. 

Italian durum wheat semolina, water

Cook your penne rigate a generous pot of boiled and salty water for 11 minutes. Our Italian Foodies ragout sauces go particularly well with penne rigate.  Visit our recipe blog and follow us on social media to get the week's latest recipes using Italy's unique ingredients.  

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