About me

Maria Giulia Pozzi, the founder of Italian Foodies, is a graduate in communications from the University of Rome and a registered Italian journalist.

During her time as a journalist, Maria Giulia developed a strong understanding of the artisan food industry in her native country. This experience and knowledge was gained through the time invested visiting international and local markets, speaking with producers, tasting the fine products, visiting canteens in Italy and writing about food and wine for various newspapers and publications.

Maria Giulia recently married a Kiwi and her enthusiasm for food and wine has become her life’s work now in New Zealand. Italian Foodies offers a wonderful selection of the best Italian products such as truffle, porcini mushroom, extra virgin olive oil, vegetable products and meat sauces as well as ready-made swordfish fillet, amberjack roe and many types of high quality pasta.

Maria Giulia or “MG” as her kiwi friends call her, believes in her cultural heritage and its kitchen.

“I am convinced that local tradition, values and attention to quality are key to creating the finest products”.