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Today recipe reminds us to our grandmother’s kitchen, a magic place where incredible spells were made. In our memories, grandmother is surrounded by boiling pots, her hands always dirty of flour and her smell was so sweet, as the one of an homemade cake. Do you know her secret? Why all of her dishes were so great? Simple. She use a lot of love, an ingredient you can’t buy, not even on internet.

So, this is a tribute to bakery and grandmother. To their loving hugs and kisses. To simple things that make our days great. As a bite of a little hot pie filled with potatoes, asparagus and tasty truffle sauce at the end of a cold busy day. Eternal glory to our grannies, queens of the kitchen. But also of our hearts.

Ingredients for 4 person

2 tablespoon of dainty sauce by Acqualagna

3 potatoes (about 200 gr)

5 asparagus

2 ready to use rolls of short crust pastry (for savory preparation)

40 gr of parmesan cheese


Prepare the filling. In a pot put the potatoes with some cold water and let it cook for at least 40 minutes. In the meantime, clean the asparagus and quickly boil them (no more than 4-5 minutes). Once the asparagus are cooked, put them in an iced water to keep the green brilliant. Cut them and put them in a bowl with the potatoes already mashed. Add the salt, the parmesan cheese and the dainty sauce. Stir until well mixed.

Make the lil’ pie. Cut the short crust pastry in order to have six disk. Then, do it again but with a smaller rounded shape (those will be used as cover). Put h the bigger disk in the molds and fill with the potatoes mix. Then cover with the smaller disks and close the pies. Cook them in the oven at 180°C for 25-30 minutes. One cooked, let them cool and take them away from the molds. Enjoy!

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