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Dear IF-riends,let’s start from the beginning: what is it a “Panna Cotta”?? Panna Cotta is a typical and traditional Italian blancmange, done with liquid cream and sugar. This dessert can be easily combined with many seasoning, as fudge or berries, but one of the best match is with chocolate sauce. The Panna Cotta, developed at the beginning of ‘900, is a pride of the Piedmont region and it is one of the most widespread milk pudding in Italy.

Moreover, this recipe is super easy and super quick, giving you the occasion to express your creativity with all kind of garnish. We choose to provide you a panna cotta flavoured with mint, garnished with Cobaita nougat and Modica Chocolate, one of the best artisanal dark chocolate in the world.

So, let’s clean the teaspoon and transform yourself in a pastry chef (just for one day!)

Ingredients for 6 persons

A bar of “Asso di Bastoni” chocolate by Ciomod

500 ml of liquid cream

100 gr. of sugar

2 isinglass sheets

5 mint leaves (or try with orange bark, cinnamon or vanilla stick)

50 gr of Cobaita nougat

20 gr. of butter

Make the panna cotta. In a little pot, pour the liquid cream, the sugar and the mint. Put on a low fire and let it cook, frequently stirring, until the cream starts boiling. In the meantime, put the isinglass in a bowl filled with cold water. As soon as the liquid cream boils, take it away from the fire and add the isinglass, that know should be soft. Stir until well amalgamated. Using a small colander, filter the liquid cream in order to remove all the mint and isinglass leftovers. Fill a large mould or different little ones with the panna cotta and put in the fridge for at least 5 hours.

Garnish and serve. Put the chocolate in a fire-resistant bowl and cook it using the bain-marie technique. Once it is melted, add the butter and stir until well mixed. Grind the nougat. Remove the panna cotta from the mould, garnish with the chocolate, the nougat and some mint leaves.


Grandma’s tip: to perfectly remove the panna cotta two things need to be done. First, wet with water (or cognac)the mould before pouring inside the liquid cream. Second, when you have to remove them from the mould, immerse it in bowl filled with boiling water for 1 second.

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