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Dear IF-riends today recipe is an homage to the double soul of our beloved Italy, where the green hills of our country touch the blue of the three seas that wet our land. Mari & Monti pasta, that means sea and hills, reproduce in an unique dish the huge richness that this two environments keep inside themselves

That’s why we share with all of you this incredible, lustful, dish, in which the porcini mushrooms meet the sweetness of the shrimps, where the taste of the wood can play with the sea flavor . A magic link that is well acknowledged in our cooking tradition and imagination.

Following these simple steps, you will be able to bring to the table a three Michelle star dish easily and quickly! So, switch off the TV and be a real Masterchef!

Ingredients for 4 persons

1 pack of mushroom tagliatelle by Acqualagna

1 jar of porcini cream by Acqualagna

8 jumbo shrimps

Few cherry tomatoes

Half glass of white whine

2 cloves of garlic

1 hot red chili

Some parsley

Extra virgin olive oil by Ciomod

Make the season. Clean the shrimps, keep off the shell without broke their meat. Take out the black filament with caution. In a pan, pour a wire of extra virgin olive oil, add the garlic, the hot chili and some little cherry tomatoes cut in a half. Let them cook on an high flame for 3 -5 minutes. Then add the shrimps and simmer with the wine. Cook for very few minutes, until the wine evaporates. In a large bowl put 4 tablespoon of the Porcini cream.

Cook the pasta. In a pot, put 3 liter of water and keep on the flame until it boils. Then, take 3 tablespoon of boiling water and add it to the bowl with the porcini cream. Stir until mixed. Once the water boils, pour in the pasta and let it cook for 5 minutes. Then, with the help of a colander, drain it.

Garnish and serve. Join the shrimps with the porcini cream, add the pasta and mix well. Garnish with some freshly grounded parsley and serve it hot to your guest. Enjoy!

Grandma’s tip: to easily took out the black filament, use a toothpick: if the shrimps are truly fresh, it will come away completely.

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