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Dear IF-ers, today here we are with a perfect midweek recipe that will let you drool at the first bite! The pasta we choose to make this incredible dish is one of the best in the world: made with organic whole wheat, penne rigate are the right choice for all of your recipe where you want the pasta catching up the season!

Gragnano Pasta, and in this case Pastificio Gentile, has a glorious history in manufacturing artisanal pasta and is famous for the high quality of the ingredients used. The swordfish fillet by Campisi will give an exotic shade to your dish, adding style and taste.

In few minutes, you will have an amazing dinner without cooking a lot, just using few excellent products that will give you all of their taste and aroma. Your guest and your family will love it (and love you).

Try it and tell us what you think about!

Ingredients for 4 persons

1 pack of Penne Rigate by Pastificio Gentile

1 jar of swordfish fillets by Campisi

50 gr of fresh rocket

12 black olives (or 2 tablespoon of black olive patè by Campisi)

1 organic lemon

2 leaf of chives

Extra virgin olive oil


Cook the pasta. In a pot, add 2,5 liters of water and, when it starts to boil, add 25 gr. of marine salt. When it regain the boiling, add the pasta and let it cook for 10 -12 minutes (It depends on how hard you prefer it).

Make the season. In the meantime, cut the rocket with your hands, drop the swordfish from its oil and put the rocket and the fillets in a bowl. Wash the black olives and with the help of a tenderizer (or using a knife) take out the stone from them. Then add them to the bowl. Using a potato peeler, take out the yellow bark of the lemon and reduce it to small stripes. Then cut them in tiny dice. Do the same with the chives. Add the mix to the bowl with the swordfish, the rocket and the olives.

Serve. When the penne rigate are ready, use a colander to drain the pasta. Quickly pour it in the bowl with the season and stir it. Add a wire of extra virgin olive oil and serve to your guest. Enjoy!

Grandma’s tip. If you want a more deep lemon taste, just squeeze half of a lemon and add it at the end, together with the olive oil.

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