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Now that sunny days are almost gone and winter is knocking on our doors, what’s better of a hot, comfortable, dish of soup? The smoothness of the pumpkin soup will contrast with the crispy texture of the bread, giving you a new reason for staying at home in a cold cold night! A steaming dish of our pumpkin soup will leave your palate pleased and surprised and will be perfect for informal parties or family dinners. Try it, we know that this recipes will warm your body as your heart.

Ingredients for 4 - 6 persons

1 jar of “The White of Acqualagna” by Acqualagna Tartufi

400 gr of pumpkin

150 gr of potatoes

1 shallot

600 ml of water (or veg. brod)

Some rosemary leaves

Half of a Tuscany loaf (is a not-salty one. You can substitute it with other kinds of bread)

Extra virgin olive oil


A pinch of freshly grounded black pepper

Clean the Veg. Peel the pumpkin and the the potatoes. Wash both vegetables and cut them into dice. Put them in separated bowls. Clean and chop the scallot finely. With a knife, mince the rosemary leaves.

Cook the Soup: In a pot, let the scallot lightly fry until it become clear/ transparent. Add the diced pumpkin, the minced rosemary and salt. Let it cook for 4 – 5 minutes then add the potatoes and 600 ml of water. Close the pot with its cover and let it cook on a low fire for 25 minutes. Use a hand blender to mix the soup and, only at the end, add the black pepper

Prepare the Bruschetta. Cut the loaf into slices and sprinkle them with a little of extra virgin olive oil, so it will be evenly distributed on the surface. Put them on a grill until they get grilled. With a teaspoon, put “The White” truffled cream on the bread.

Garnish and Serve. You have two options with this recipe. It can be enjoyed in a cup for dessert in case you are hosting an “aperitivo” or it can be served in a classic soup plate for a formal dinner . It’s up to you! Whatever shape you will choose, we guarantee it will taste great!

Grandma’s tip: To sprinkle the bruschetta without wasting or exceeding with the oil, use a pastry brush and literally paint the bread!

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