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This recipe pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth on the day we celebrate her.

An omelette with porcini mushrooms and truffle fit for a queen and perfect for an English brunch.

Omelettes stuffed with fresh cheese and cream with porcini mushrooms and truffles accompanied by a delicious side dish of grilled asparagus will give you the right boost to face the hardest of days. Be seduced by the fragrance of the cream that is mixed with the softness of the egg, in a blaze of festive flavors.

So what are you waiting for? Turn on the stove and obviously...God save the Queen!

Ingredients for two people
4 eggs
a jar (180 gr.) of cream with porcini mushrooms and truffles by Acqualagna
100 grams of fresh cheese (I used a robiola, but any fresh cheese will suits well)
8 asparagus
20 gr. of butter

In a bowl, soften the cheese with two tablespoons of hot water. Add five teaspoons cream of porcini mushrooms and truffle and turn with a spatula until you have a smooth paste.

Prepare the asparagus. Clean the stems with a scraper to remove the fibrous part.

Wash them and put them in a steamer for three / four minutes. Heat the grill, sprinkle with the salt and put on the asparagus. Cook them turning occasionally for about six or seven minutes.

In another bowl, beat two eggs without mix them completely. In a pan melt half of the butter and, when hot, pour in the eggs.

Pull the edges of omelettes as they coagulate and turn the pan continuously to prevent the eggs from sticking to the bottom. Pour half the cheese on the center of the omelette and, with a decisive gesture, turned over a half on the other. Turn off the stove.

Use the same procedure to make the second omelette.

Transfer the omelettes on a serving dish, add the grilled asparagus at side and..... ENJOY!

Grandma’s tip: Once you take the asparagus from the steamer, put them in a bowl with cold water and ice. In this way asparagus will keep a brilliant green color!

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