One event, two countries, three chefs. All of this is “Got de France” in Rome

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The event organized by the French Embassy and the “Institut Francais” in Italy, will be a meeting between French and Italian chefs to discuss healthy, natural and sustainable cuisine, all subjects of high importance to Expo Milan 2015.

Three Italian chefs will be selected by the French Ambassador to Italy, Catherine Colonna, whom intends to open Palazzo Farnese kitchen three times in 2015 located within the French Embassy building in Rome for an “Open Kitchen” event where the Italian chefs can propose their menus.

The French Embassy wants to pay tribute to Italy for the quality of its cuisine, gastronomy and its values shared on conviviality.

There will be reciprocated invites in Italy to three French chefs that will create with the Italian chefs, 4 menus with “4 hands”. The event will run for 4 days in which there will be tastings, workshops, master classes, professional meetings and conventions to share the experiences and the expertise of the two countries.

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