Pope Francesco and a message for the peace in the world through food and wine

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On Wednesday 21st of January, a declaration was released following a papal meeting organised by the Italian Sommelier Foundation (Fondazione Italiana Sommelier) between Pope Francesco and the General Director of the Verona Trade show, Giovanni Mantovani.

We are living in a world in continuous evolution, especially in a historical moment such as that in which we are living, it is necessary to explore new channels of dialogue between people or rediscover the street of the tradition. One of the most ancient gestures across time has been sharing together a table, to discover other people and appreciate their differences, made possible through the food and wine culture, unique and inimitable to each country. You see that the products and the local typical dishes become a tool for a discussion and enrichment, a concrete tool of peace. The differences can be brought together through the telling of a story of a land with a glass of its wine. They become a theme of dialogue, as has been demonstrated in the 50 years of Vinitaly where every year in Verona gather people from over 130 countries from all continents that produce wine and trade its fruit.

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